Comfort with Elegance and Sophistication

Premium Amenity Kits

Harmony meets the needs and wishes of the First and Business Class traveler by offering a collection of best-in-class cosmetics, including well-established names and regional niche brands. Our exclusive range of amenity kits excudes elegance, sophistication and well being, developed to fit your unique marketing philosophy.

Lounge and Washrooms

Harmony holds an extensive and premium assortment of more than 30 cosmetic brands to enhance the passenger experience, in the lounge as well as in the washrooms on board.

Sleepwear and Comfort Items

Harmony creates and produces a varying range of comfortable fashionable sleepwear, in exclusive collaboration with prestigious and fashionable lifestyle brands. Sleeper suits and slippers in comfortable, innovative and high quality fabrics and packaging, are just some of our creations.

Economy Class Comfort

Harmony brings true innovation to the Economy cabin. Harmony designs and sources practical and cost-saving solutions that enhance the well being of the Economy Class passenger.

Bedding and Textiles

Harmony develops and produces comfort items, branded and non-branded, such as bed linen, blankets and pillows, developed together with best-in-class brand partners. Blankets and duvets range from luxury cotton duvets to comfortable disposable polar fleece blankets with a variation of pillows meeting each desired style and budget.

Private Jets

Harmony provides top-end unique and tailor-made comfort items for private jets.